Ritual Constellations® is an energy and spiritual healing method. It extends the range of classical family constellations work to include body-based trauma resolution, shamanism, and spirituality. Marco Massignan, originator of the method along with his wife Elena Dell’Orto, is an Italy-based trainer, shamanic practitioner and writer who received direct teachings and followed a traditional apprenticeship Read more about RITUAL CONSTELLATIONS®: An Introduction[…]

Interview with Elena Dell’Orto – Healing your birth traumas (Italian)

The world of holistic therapy is increasingly discovering the importance of birth imprinting and of pre- and perinatal stages of life. These are being recognized as momentous phases that shape our adult-life feelings and choices, and the destiny of our soul in the human world. In this interview (Italian language), Elena Dell’Orto explains how somatic (body-based) and systemic Read more about Interview with Elena Dell’Orto – Healing your birth traumas (Italian)[…]