Welcome to Marco Massignan & Elena Dell’Orto’s website!

We started out in 1992, helping various medicine people and traditional healers and organizing their European tours. In 2004 we began our own practice and gradually became one of southern Europe’s leading schools in the field of Family Constellations, Shamanism and body-based Trauma resolution. These three great areas find expression in the work we developed, Ritual Constellations®, and in our other activities, through group seminars, trainings and individual sessions.

In over 15 years of activity we’ve been working with thousands of people from all walks of life, helping them improve their personal and professional life, and their family relations (parents, couples, singles). We’ve been training many facilitators who are now working successfully in various countries. We also give supervision services to various professionals who now integrate our techniques and our advices in their work – physicians and psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, teachers, holistic and shamanic facilitators, physioterapists, family mediators, and bodyworkers.

The name we chose for our institute comes from an ancient Celtic word, Nemeton. It stems from the root Nemos (“Sky”) and means literally “space for Gods and men”. It used to indicate the ancient temples located in groves and by water sources, and in our vision defines nowadays the ritual space where constellations and shamanic rituals take place.

We’re glad to offer our clients the results of our ongoing spiritual and professional research, contributing in the awakening of human consciousness and in realizing a happy and harmonious life for all on Earth.

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